A Night With The Thrillbillies

In keeping with my recent tradition of seeing at least one music show a week, I saw three. For the first, I returned to The Burning Bridge Tavern in Wrightsville, PA on Friday to see the Thrillbillies. I had not seen the Thrillbillies before, nor was I familiar with their music, but I am very glad to know them now. The band consists of Craig Wise, Ray Horst, and M.J. "Goody" Good. The three of them come together from time to time to play as the Thrillbillies, but they don't rehearse the shows or use a set list. It's very easy to see how much fun they have while playing the set, and the spontaneity only adds to the laid back, fun atmosphere. The Thrillbillies are playing The Burning Bridge Tavern again on September 19th, so see them if you can. As an added bonus, I ran into Lisa Thomas and Linzi Brasie from the show I photographed last week. A big "hello" goes out to them. It was nice seeing them again and talking photography with Lisa's husband, Bryan. Enough text...pics!

The Thrillbillies (from left): Goody, Craig N. Wise, Ray Horst