Medusa's Disco at the Chameleon

Medusa's Disco played a recent show at the Chameleon Club. This was the first time I've seen them play electric. Every other time I had caught them, they were playing acoustic. They're good either way, although getting to see them at full energy playing electric was a big change from the acoustic sets. The recommendation is to see them both ways, and here's the photos from the Chameleon!

Wynton Huddle and Jason Shearer of Medusa's Disco

The Stonewall Vessels at the Chameleon Club

The Stonewall Vessels have a new album out entitled "Through the Weird and Wild." It's a good one, so I urge you to check it out! In this photo set, The Stonewall Vessels are putting on another energetic performance, as they are known to do. This performance was photographed at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA.

The Stonewall Vessels (from left): Josh McNamee, Darrion Washington, Ian Cornele, Jake Salinger, and Luke Krizner

First Snow of the Season

It was an afternoon set for checking out some antique shops in Adamstown. Among the standout items were some hilarious Barbie dolls. After shopping, Jamie and I found ourselves in a little village and the weather proved to be perfect for a couple photos before calling it a day.

The Late Drunken Nights at the Tellus360 Takeover

Rounding out the bands I photographed at the Music for Everyone Tellus360 Takeover is the Late Drunken Nights. Joe Devoy provided the lyrical storytelling while several other Lancaster musicians provided the backup. Joining Joe was Liz Fulmer, Robin Chambers, Jon Reapsome, Brendan Stengle, and John Milosich.

 Joe Devoy of The Late Drunken Nights

Joe Devoy of The Late Drunken Nights