Hello and welcome to my portfolio website!  

I started with photography during high school. I dropped a class and needed a replacement, and thinking photography would be an easy A, I signed up. Once I was handed a camera to use, I was hooked immediately and wanted only to photograph, develop film, and make prints in the darkroom.


With my passion ignited, I attended the Harrisburg Area Community College and received an Associate's Degree in photography. It was during this time I learned the Ilfochrome process for making color prints from slides. I then moved to Rochester, NY to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology, where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography. While attending RIT, I developed a strong interest in Photoshop, for photographic manipulations as well as retouching, so I took several classes to learn these skills. After graduating from RIT in 2008, I began working at a portrait studio, where I worked for several years as a photo retoucher.

Presently, I have a business operating in the York/Lancaster/Harrisburg area. If you are around that area and have need of a photographer, feel free to use the contact page and get in touch! 


Landscape has been an interest of mine since I began photographing. I've always enjoyed being out with my gear while exploring different surroundings for Nature's beauty. However, I noticed myself becoming more aware of human elements within landscapes, and decided to turn my camera toward the unnatural elements. What resulted is a collection of photographs that contrast Nature to human existence. 

My interest in abstraction is the basis for the Frozen Metamorphosis series. These photographs are about form and change, but also about what people see within those forms. I don't relate the same way to those photographs as others do, so the interpretations are very unique.

Music is an important part of my life, both personally and creatively. Playing guitar has been a huge interest and major hobby of mine for over 16 years. Getting to know and documenting musicians is a great way for me to tie my passions of photography and music together.

If you'd like to share your thoughts on the site, feel free to use the contact page.


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   - James T. Giffen


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